Fortris is now part of AEFI

Fortris is proud to announce its membership into the Asociación Española de FinTech & InsurTech (AEFI) and is looking forward to collaborating with the association’s other members. The association consists of 146 members that represent a variety of financial verticals within the FinTech ecosystem.

The main purpose of AEFI is to create an ideal environment within Spain for FinTech and InsurTech companies to thrive. Working together, AEFI leads communication and lobbying with key organizations to help improve the overall FinTech industry within Spain.

Transparency, collaboration, communication and academic rigor are the key values that AEFI strives towards and these are in line with how Fortris operates as a business.

Nacho Orozco, Head of Institutional Sales at Fortris, said, “We look forward to supporting other members and helping expand the overall FinTech environment within Spain. Fortris has been built to seamlessly integrate digital assets into enterprise business and collaboration is imperative to our success.”

Fortris continues to grow at a rapid pace and working with AEFI members will positively impact the overall FinTech industry within Spain.

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