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Changing the landscape of enterprise financial asset management

Fortris integrates with existing financial systems

We mirror the standards of the best financial platforms in the world, while adding the technical and policy considerations required for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Fortris has built and deployed at scale, that essential bridge to enable enterprise to both hold and actually use cryptocurrency as an operational asset.

Adapting cryptocurrency to enterprise

Financial Management

  • Multi-signature security
  • Treasury reporting
  • Payflow management
  • Compliance and accounting
  • Connect operations


  • Decentralized asset
  • Scalable realtime payments
  • High pace of innovation
  • User autonomy
  • Transparency and traceability

The team behind Fortris

The core team has a deep history of successful enterprise payment executions. We know the market, understand real use cases, and have a clear workflow from innovation to support.

Four years after its founding, the team has expanded to 75+ members with a focus on technical capacity. Fortris continues to attract world-class talent in cryptocurrency, payment flow solutions, and data science.

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