Connect your custodian to Fortris

Whether your organization chooses self custody, 3rd party or a mixture, Fortris gives you a complete view into your digital asset holdings and operations.


Eliminate the complexities of custody management: safeguard assets, ensure compliance, and optimize operations, all in one place.

Flexible custody built for institutions

Our platform offers secure and adaptable custody management solutions for institutions. It evolves with your growth, providing the necessary infrastructure and security to protect your digital assets efficiently.

What custodial set up is best for your business?

Not sure where to start when it comes to custody for your organization? We’ve got you covered with our guide to digital asset custody for enterprise business.

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Control your funds with self custody

Securely manage your organization’s digital asset funds with the assurance of robust Fortris safeguards, ensuring peace of mind and enhanced control over your assets.

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Spread your funds across multiple custodians

Enhance your organization’s financial security by diversifying risks across multiple custody solutions. This approach minimizes potential impacts from security breaches, leverages the unique benefits of each platform, and provides a comprehensive safety net for your digital assets.

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